About Eduardo Escalante Perez

One of Eduardo Escalante’s passions in life is one of the most primal things humans have been doing since we lived in caves, running. Science is now beginning to realize that no other animal in the world is as suited to running long distances than human beings. From the ways our metabolisms work to how our bodies are structured, ancient humans were running machines and it’s only recently that we’ve strayed so far from our roots. Eduardo, like other people who run with frequency, uses running to both stay in shape as well as to stay grounded and remind himself that humans are part of the earth we inhabit.

As the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall pointed out to the public when it was released, humans are literally born to run. When we’re isolated from modern means and left to our own devices to get around, the human body has an amazing capability to endure the trials and punishment running brings without collapsing or getting hurt. While Eduardo Escalante won’t be taking part in any of the super marathons described in the book (they’re frequently over 100 miles long), he still runs regularly and joins shorter races both in Canada and his home country of Venezuela. Running might be more of a hobby than a way of life for him, but that doesn’t mean that he takes it that much less seriously than a professional runner.

Eduardo Escalante’s passion for running began on the streets of Caracas, Venezuela where he grew up. Running quickly became a hobby for Eduardo and he began running in various 10 kilometer races around the country. He has run in races ranging from the Gatorade Caracas 10k to the Hard Rock Caracas 10k and his passion has continued since he moved to Canada. Eduardo has already run in the TC10k sponsored by various food banks and charitable organizations in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and is planning on running in many more.